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the identity of the deputy. >> scandal by candle, this memorial's grown. >> andy lopez was killed on tuesday, a 13-year-old. some of them knew the teen personally. the sheriff's office confirmed the identity of the deputy who killed him. 48-year-old eric gailhouse is a veteran. department. he served in the national guard and worked as a weapons structuror, and was a writer for swat magazine. he was a field training officer for the sheriff's office and was on a training mission tuesday night when he was holding a weapon that --. >> shame sonoma county sheriff. shame on you. you have broken oir hearts. >> reporter: there are two marches this week. one at 10:00 tomorrow morning. state organizers handed out flyers so students could be excused to attend. there is another march planned for wednesday at 5. terry is organizing that event. she didn't know andy personally but is disturbed by what's happened. >> i think the community is tired of being persecuted. >> reporter: all afternoon, organizers of the two events have been standing on the street corners handing out flyers about this week. represe
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1